Understanding Aged Care Standards at Adria Village: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the landscape of aged care can seem overwhelming, but understanding the standards that guide our delivery of these crucial services can simplify this process. This blog post delves into the eight Aged Care Standards that underpin the care and services provided by Adria Village, detailing how each standard is met and what it means for residents. From ensuring dignity and choice to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment, Adria Village commits to excellence across all aspects of care.

1. Consumer Dignity and Choice

Emphasising Respect and Personal Identity

Adria Village upholds the dignity and choice of its residents, whether they live in independent living units or receive residential care. Residents are empowered to make informed decisions about their lifestyle, care, and daily activities. This approach is foundational in both care settings, ensuring that every individual can continue to lead a life reflective of their preferences and values. In independent living units, residents decide how they furnish their space and which community activities they participate in. They maintain a significant degree of independence, managing their daily schedules while accessing support services as needed. In the residential care setting, despite a higher level of care provision, the emphasis remains on respecting each resident’s choices and preferences, particularly in aspects such as meal options, participation in therapeutic activities, and personal care routines. Adria Village staff are trained to facilitate choices in a manner that respects each person’s autonomy while ensuring safety and well-being.

2. Ongoing Assessment and Planning

Collaborative Care Planning

At Adria Village, ongoing assessment and planning are critical in both independent living and residential care settings. This collaborative process involves the resident, their family, and care professionals to ensure that the care and services evolve according to the changing needs of residents. In independent living units, the focus might be on adjusting community support services as residents’ independence levels change. In contrast, residential care plans are frequently reviewed and updated to incorporate progressive health care requirements, including medical treatments and rehabilitation services. This continuous planning ensures that every resident at Adria Village receives personalised care that maximises their health and well-being.

3. Personal Care and Clinical Care

Safe and Tailored Care


Adria Village ensures that all residents, whether in residential care or independent living units, receive personal and clinical care tailored to their specific needs. For those in residential care, the facility provides comprehensive clinical support suited to higher dependency needs, including 24/7 nursing, specialised medical care, and access to allied health services. In the independent living units, while the residents enjoy more autonomy, they still have access to personal care services tailored to their needs, which are less intensive but crucial for maintaining their health and independence. Safety and appropriateness of care are paramount across both settings, with protocols designed to respect the personal preferences and dignity of each resident.

4. Services and Supports for Daily Living

Enhancing Quality of Life

Services and supports for daily living at Adria Village are tailored to enhance the lives of all residents, supporting both those in independent living units and those in residential care. For independent living residents, Adria Village offers services that promote autonomy but provide necessary assistance, such as housekeeping, meal delivery, and transportation. These services ensure that residents can enjoy an independent lifestyle without the burdens of daily chores. For those in residential care, the support is more comprehensive, focusing on intensive health and personal care needs, ensuring that residents receive the necessary support to manage their health conditions and maintain quality of life.

5. Organisation’s Service Environment

A Safe and Comfortable Setting

The service environment at Adria Village, whether in the independent living units or the residential care facilities, is designed to ensure safety, comfort, and a sense of belonging. The facilities are built and maintained to high standards, with accessibility features and safe living spaces. Independent living units offer a home-like environment that allows residents to feel independent yet secure, with easy access to communal areas and leisure facilities. The residential care setting is equipped with advanced safety features and medical equipment, ensuring that high care needs are met in a comfortable and dignified manner.

6. Feedback and Complaints

Valuing Residents Input

Feedback and complaint mechanisms at Adria Village are robust, ensuring that the voices of all residents, whether in independent living units or residential care, are heard and valued. The organisation actively encourages residents to provide feedback on their experiences and quickly addresses any concerns that arise. This transparent process helps in continually improving the quality of care and services provided across all settings, fostering a culture of trust and respect.

7. Human Resources

Committed and Caring Staff

Adria Village prides itself on the quality of its staff across both independent living units and residential care facilities. The staff are selected for their skills and compassion, and they undergo regular training to meet the specific needs of residents in various living settings. In independent living units, staff support residents’ independence, while in residential care, they provide more intensive health and personal care. This dedicated approach ensures that all residents receive the best possible care from knowledgeable and caring professionals.

8. Organisational Governance

Excellence in Management

Organisational governance at Adria Village is marked by transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement, crucial for both independent living and residential care. Governance practices ensure that operations across both types of living arrangements are efficient, resident-focused, and compliant with the highest standards of care. Residents of independent living units and those in residential care are included in decision-making processes, reflecting Adria Village’s commitment

Adria Village and the Aged Care Standards

By adhering to these eight Aged Care Standards, Adria Village ensures that it not only meets regulatory requirements but also goes above and beyond to provide a high-quality living environment that respects and enriches the lives of all its residents. Whether you or a loved one are considering independent living or need more comprehensive care, Adria Village offers a supportive, engaging, and caring community where everyone can feel at home. This commitment to excellence in all aspects of care makes Adria Village a standout choice for those seeking quality aged care solutions. If you have further questions about our standards and procedures feel free to contact us.

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