Our History

Adria Village was established by the Croatian community of Canberra and Queanbeyan. Its official opening in 1994 was the result of years of voluntary work undertaken by members of the local community, both in the administration and building of the Village. Adria Village Limited (established in 1989) is the approved service provider and its board consists of local volunteers. The company is a not for profit organisation limited by guarantee.

Adria Village now boasts a diverse and multicultural community of people from all over the world!


The name Adria is derived from the Adriatic Sea which is located between Croatia and Italy. The coastal region of Croatia is renowned for its unique landscape, islands and rich history.

Our retirement experts

Adria Villages’ commitment to exceptional care in later years is unparalleled. Our team of retirement experts ensures access to a range of specialized healthcare professionals, including doctors, podiatrists, psychologists, and more, all conveniently located on-site. This comprehensive medical support is tailored to cater to the unique needs of our residents, promoting holistic well-being and personalized care.

Our dedication extends beyond routine healthcare. We offer a dedicated respite and special care unit, designed to provide a higher level of attention and support for individuals requiring specialized care. This unit is equipped with not only state-of-the-art facilities but also compassionate and highly trained staff who cater to specific needs, ensuring the comfort and well-being of each resident.

Our Environment

Adria Retirement offers a welcoming atmosphere with its thoughtfully landscaped surroundings featuring mature trees and gardens, creating a homelike ambiance. Residents can embrace the beauty of nature through courtyards, outdoor spaces, and walking paths strategically woven throughout the village. These elements not only enhance the living experience but also contribute to the overall well-being of Adria’s retirees, providing them with a tranquil and rejuvenating environment to call home.

Our Locations.

Adria Care is located in the Canberra suburb of Stirling and offers residential care for 42 residents, including 2 dedicated respite rooms and a Special Care Unit. The village also contains 36 Independent Living Units.

Visit us

Adria Village - 89 Fremantle Drive, Stirling, Canberra.

Visit us

Adria Village - 89 Fremantle Drive, Stirling, Canberra.

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